You can find us every Saturday
at the Port Townsend Farmers Market – April to December.
You can place an order to be picked up at our kitchen.

The Pies

Our crust is legendary.
Flakey, buttery and tasty.  
Really, it doesn’t even need a filling, it is that good.
We make one batch at a time, in a bowl, with our hands. 
Butter. Flour. Water. Lemon Juice. Salt. 
Simple and honest.

The fillings are savory or sweet. Traditional or unique.

Whatever is in season and catches our imagination and taste buds.
We are inspired by the food that is grown and raised around us.
We know exactly where our food comes from, and think you should too.
We make use of the great bounty of our small part of the world to bring you the freshest, most delicious food possible.

Hand Pies and Pot Pies

We are known for hand pies. They are handmade, rustic, and, as one customer said,
“This is the best thing I have ever put in my mouth.” We also make pot pies, baked in naked clay pots.
Made by Daily Bird Pottery just for us. And, of course, full-size pies, by special order only. In a glass plate or a springform pan.

Kelli and Suzen

We are Kelli and Suzen.
Daughter and Mother.
Best of Friends.
It’s just our four hands and two heads full of ideas.
We want to inspire people, and get everyone excited about eating locally and seasonally. 
We are respectful of our planet and everything that lives and grows.
We do this well and honestly.

We create food you can trust.

Sadly Suzen passed away on May 10, 2021.
I can’t bring myself to update this bio just yet, in her memory, I will leave it here. Going forward, I, Kelli, will continue to uphold our values and do the good work of feeding my community, who have come together to hold me up during this life change.